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Offering Angular Contact Ball Bearing, Machine Belt, PLT Bearing And More At Competitive Rates!

About Us

Bearings One Stop Solutions!

We, Belt And Bearing House Private Limited, are coming forth with guaranteed quality bearings and belts so as to meet increasing demands of our patrons such as mining industry, oil field industry, thermal plant industry and couple of others. Our bearings and industrial belts manufacturing company has been treading towards a bright future in this challenging business with such assured quality of products that are aligned to the needs of our customers. 

We are making our products in innumerable sizes so as to make customers able in finding usable one. Additionally, our bearings and belts manufacturer based organization maintains competitive pricing in order to serve diverse customers in this market. Our deft and focused personnel directly discuss customers requirements. Each one of our personnel ensures ultra-advanced needs are from start to end are carefully handled. We continuously make certain that individual needs of patrons for Automotive V Belt, Grip Tight Ball Bearing, DDR Bearing, Steel Cylinderical Bearing and others are met in the finest of manner. 

Why Belt And Bearing House Private Limited?

A Reliable Partner!

  • Our Excellence: Our belts and bearing producing concern has been accomplishing market requirements in the shortest time with excellence. 
  • ISO Standards: We have acquired ISO 9001:2015. This is a result of our ability to constantly offer our esteemed customers nothing shorter than assured quality, always. 
  • Strengths: The Indian business uses professional guidance, market research, quality policy and distribution channel in order to meet the growing needs. 
  • Philosophy: Our philosophy exhibits unbiased treatment with each one of our customer, ensuring them full satisfaction with supreme in quality belts and bearings in different sizes. 
  • Events & Participation: Our enterprise assures participation in ample of events that helps at maintaining image in the industry. 
  • Raw Materials Suppliers: We have forged allies with renowned raw materials suppliers. Our company sources quality checked materials from metal to SS, Brass, etc., in order to maintain quality at its best. 
  • Warehouse & Packaging: Our company boasts reliable support coming via warehouse and packaging cell that is outfitted with systems and machines for handling storage. Additionally, we ensure bulk stocking of our belts and bearings for meeting huge market demand. Our assured packaging keeps such industrial products safe at the time of transit. 
  • Portfolio: Our company is a prominent one in the entire market that is gaining customers trust with an ultramodern portfolio consisting of Cylindrical Bearings, Bearing Sheaves, Industrial Belts, Metal Bearings, etc. All our superior class belts and bearings are in synchronization with customers demands.

Our Unit

A Modern Investment!

We have advantageous unit, which provide help in producing belts and bearings in several configurations. Our company can also customize belts and bearings for customers in order to accomplish their special requests. We have placed in our huge premises some modern tech based machines and tools that are periodically oiled for limiting low output productivity. In addition, we have bifurcated our unit into cells so as to meet day-to-day business needs in the finest of manner. 

Quality & Team

Our Specialization!

Our company assures presenting bearing and belting solutions of unchallenged quality to the clientele in the market. We apply strict quality inspection in order to assure each one of customer. Our deft staff members concentrate on keeping quality its best in Steel Cylinderical BearingAutomotive V Belt, etc., so as to serve customers correctly. The staff includes:

  • Customer Executives
  • Engineers
  • Procuring Agents
  • Sales and Marketing Experts
  • Researchers 
  • Logistics Personnel, etc. 

Our Vision

We concentrate on providing patrons with belts and bearings that are suitable for ample of industries.

Our Mission

We utilize our domain knowledge in order to cater to needs for bearings and belts for several areas from pharma to cement, hydraulic, sugar and more industries.

Our Values

We make endeavor to strengthen market position by assuring to fulfill customers requirements for unique belts and bearings for maintaining good relationships in this domain. Our bearings and belts manufacturing company is well-known for possessing superior values. 

Our Main Serving Industries

Our Users!

  • Switchgear
  • Pharma Machinery
  • Steel Industry
  • Laser Machinery
  • Automotive Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Crusher Industry
  • Textile
  • Machine Tool
  • Cement Industry, etc. 

Our Clients